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Details Optical-Semiconductor-Devices-Wiley-Series-in-Microwave-and-Optical-Engineering

[{ Optical Semiconductor Devices (Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering) By Fukuda, Mitsuo ( Author ) Dec - 10- 1998 ( Hardcover ) } ]

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Details Optical-Interconnects-for-Future-Data-Center-Networks-Optical-Networks

Optical Interconnects in Future Data Center Networks" covers optical networks and how they can be used to provide high bandwidth energy efficient interconnects for future data centers with increased communication bandwidth requirements. This ...

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Details Optical-Networks-Design-And-Modelling-Ifip-Tc6-Second-International-Working-Conference-On-Optical-Network-Design-And-Modelling-Ondm98-February-and-Communication-Technology-Band-19

Optical Networks Optical network design and modelling is an essential issue for planning and operating networks for the next century. The main issues in optical networking are being widely investigated, not only for WDM networks but also for optical ...

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Details Mamba-Premium-Optical-Cable

Teaser: Knicksicheres, durch spezielle Ummantelung, Premium Audio & Video Optical Kabel - 100% kompatibel mit allen Systemen!nInhalt: Knicksicheres, durch spezielle Ummantelung, Premium Audio & Video Optical Kabel - 100% kompatibel mit allen Systemen ...

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Details Multichannel-Optical-Networks-Network-Theory-and-Applications-Band-1

Multichannel Optical Networks Presents research in the field of optical networking. This book focuses on graph-theoretical and algorithmic aspects of optical networks. It is intended for research workers and professionals from mathematics, computer ...

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Details Intelligent-Systems-for-Optical-Networks-Design-Advancing-Techniques

Intelligent Systems for Optical Networks Design As the increased demand for high-speed communication creates an interest in the development of optical networks, intelligent all optical networks have emerged as the next generation for reliable and fast ...

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Details Lindy-Konverter-TosLink-auf-Mini-Optical

Adapter Toslink auf Mini-Optical - Adapter

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Details Mathematical-Methods-for-Optical-Physics-and-Engineering

Mathematical Methods for Optical Physics and Engineering The first textbook on mathematical methods applied to optical science and engineering. Ideal for upper division undergraduates and graduates. Full description

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Details Cisco-SFP-10G-AOC1M-Active-Optical-Kabel-1m

Direct-Attach Active Optical Cable - Twinaxial-Kabel - SFP+

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Details Introduction-to-Electro-Optical-Imaging-and-Tracking-Systems-Artech-House-Optoelectronics-Library

Introduction to Electro-optical Imaging and Tracking Systems For those involved with the design and analysis of electro-optical systems, the book outlines current and future ground, air and spacebourne applications of electro-optical systems. It ...

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Details Hama-Digital-Konverter-Optical-In-Koax-Out

ProClass Digital Converter Optical-IN/Coax-OUT - Digitaler Audioadapter - RCA (W)

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Details R-Matrix-Theory-of-Atomic-Collisions-Application-to-Atomic-Molecular-and-Optical-Processes-Springer-Series-on-Atomic-Optical-and-Plasma-Physics-Band-61

Commencing with a self-contained overview of atomic collision theory, this monograph presents recent developments of R-matrix theory and its applications to a wide-range of atomic molecular and optical processes. These developments include the ...

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Details Optical-Fluorescence-Microscopy-From-the-Spectral-to-the-Nano-Dimension

Optical Fluorescence Microscopy This book discusses the concept of white confocal, nonlinear optical microscopy, fluctuation spectroscopies, site-specific labeling of proteins in living cells, imaging molecular physiology using nanosensors, muscle ...